Learn how to use Saylor Academy, study effectively, use technology, and succeed during your time in college. You can earn a free certificate of completion for two of these online Learning Skills courses.

In our Learning Skills courses, you will learn to:

  • develop critical media literacy skills and use multimodal communication to express outputs of learning effectively in a digital online environment;
  • clarify your educational goals and formulate specific plans to work towards those goals; and
  • listen effectively, take notes, improve your memory, and write more clearly.

  • Time: 0.1 hours
  • Free Certificate
Learn how to use Saylor Academy in this five-minute course!

  • Time: 40 hours
  • Free Certificate
This course orients new students to the college environment by combining conceptual knowledge with practical strategies and skills. With engaging content and a focus on applying course concepts to real-world situations, College Success is particularly helpful for first-generation students and those entering college underprepared, academically or otherwise.

This course will enable learners to develop and apply digital and learning literacies critical for learning success in tertiary education for the 21st century.