• Looking Back on Segment Two and Looking Forward to Segment Three: Units 6 through 11

    Watch this video to briefly recap Units 4 and 5 and gear up for Units 6 through 11. In the second segment of this course, you learned that business communication comes in a variety of formats and styles, and that choosing properly for a given context will make you appear professional to your audience. As you continue to write more for this course and for your career, keep trying to apply the three C's to everything you write: clear, concise, and compelling.

    The main theme of the third segment of this course in Units 6 through 11 is public speaking and presentations. The importance of considering your audience's needs and traits is doubly important when you are giving a presentation, often because the audience is in the same room as you! Pay close attention because you could be called upon to give your first professional presentation sooner than you think!

    Good luck! You'll hear from us again after Unit 11!