• About the Degree

        The Open Course Option is a degree pathway created with Thomas Edison State University that allows students to complete TESU’s Associate in Science in Business Administration degree by taking online courses from Saylor Academy that are aligned with the TESU’s prior learning assessment program.

        The focus of this degree pathway is enabling students to earn their business degree at low cost, online, and completely on their own schedule.

        Students take self-paced, free, online Saylor Academy courses and then earn credit through a combination of Saylor Academy’s Direct Credit exams, Thomas Edison State University’s TECEP® exams, portfolio assessment, and (optionally) College-Level Exam Program (CLEP®) exams.

        Note: your enrollment here allows us to gauge interest, keep you informed of updates, and help you track your progress in your quest for this degree — you will have access to these milestones and the degree map below right from your Saylor Academy student dashboard.

        To enroll at TESU, see Milestone 1. You will also want to enroll in individual Saylor Academy courses when you are ready to begin working on them, which you can do from any course page. (How to enroll in a course.)