• Unit 2: Linear Equations

    You probably use equations in everyday life without even realizing it. Calculating a unit price to figure out which brand is cheaper when making a purchase, converting inches into feet, estimating how much time it would take you to drive to your destination at a certain speed all involve solving equations mentally. In this unit, you will learn formal procedures for solving equations. You can probably recall the basic rules from the math courses you have taken in the past. In this unit, you will review these rules while focusing on the formal logical definition of equation as a statement and its solution as a number that makes this statement true. You will apply the skills from Unit 1 to simplify the sides of an equation before attempting to solve it. You will also work with equations that contain more than one variable, and you will learn that because variables always represent numbers, you can use the same rules to find the specific variable you are looking for.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 15 hours.