• Unit 7: Operations with Monomials

    As we have seen, algebra involves the use of variables to represent unknown quantities in equations. Here we will begin the study of expressions that primarily consist of variables.

    The rules that govern operations with these expressions arise from the properties of operations with numbers, such as the distributive property and the order of operations. In this unit we focus on monomials, which are expressions that contain only one term. We will learn how to multiply, divide, and apply rules of exponents to monomials.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.

    • 7.1: Algebraic Exponential Expressions

      The first mathematical functions we will explore are the exponential functions of monomials.

    • 7.2: Manipulating Exponents

      In this section, we will look at important rules for manipulating exponents.

    • 7.3: Quotient of Exponents and Power of a Quotient

      The next important operation is the quotient of exponents, which is what we use when dividing monomials with exponents.

    • 7.4: Negative Exponents

      In this section, we learn how to use negative exponents and how to translate between negative exponents and fractions.

    • 7.5: Multiplying Monomials

      Now that you are comfortable with the rules of exponents, you are ready to apply them to functions of monomials. In this section, we will discuss multiplying monomials.

    • 7.6: Dividing Monomials

      The last function we must apply to monomials is division.