• Unit 1: A Framework for Decision-Making

    A central part of managing an organization, process or project is decision-making. Decision-making is often characterized as both an art and a science. You will want to trust your instincts, but also approach your decisions more methodically when you can. This unit will cover the basics of decision-making, including an overview of various approaches, considerations, and challenges.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 2 hours.

      • 1.1: Case Study: B. Ebbers Creates Biased Decision-Making at WorldCom

      • 1.2: The Foundation of Management Decision-Making

      • 1.3: Decision-Making and Management Challenges

      • 1.4: Groupthink in the Decision-Making Process

      • 1.5: Developing Your Own Management Decision-Making Skills

      • 1.6: Framing a Decision