• Unit 1: The Basics of Geometry

    From a young age, we learn basic vocabulary and basic concepts that lead us to understand greater concepts. In this unit, you will learn about the basic building blocks of Geometry.

    Everything has a proper name. We often seem to use nicknames: "fridge" instead of "refrigerator," "phone" instead of "telephone," and so on. Still, we know what the proper terminology is, even if we do not use it as often as we probably should. Knowing the meanings of several basic terms in Geometry is important, because these terms are going to keep popping up over and over again. Whether it is knowing a simple definition, or understanding the relationships between angles, these basic items are a "must know" in Geometry.

    In life, we also classify things. We tend to classify by height, age, weight, food preference, nationality, etc. We will use pretty much anything we can think of for classification purposes. While some classifications might seem unnecessary to us, others seem quite important. Classifying berries, for example, can help you to keep from eating a poisonous one that would make you sick. Without classification, we would not have a way to keep the good ones separate from the bad ones. The same holds true in Geometry. Classifying shapes like triangles can help us recognize these shapes faster and eventually recognize the rules and relationships pertaining to their classification.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 15 hours.