• Unit 2: MIS Basics – Hardware, Software, Networking, and Security

    Much of MIS is now centered on technology. Accordingly, MIS capabilities are mostly limited to the hardware and software capabilities of a given system. Ten years ago, it took the average Internet user a few minutes to download an MP3 music file over a cable connection. This can now be done in seconds wirelessly from just about anywhere in the developed world thanks to improvements in hardware and software. While it is nearly impossible to remain in front of technology developments, it is possible to analyze trends in technology advancements and identify what hardware and software may give you a competitive advantage.

    This unit will first discuss the hardware component of technology, followed by the software component. We will finish the unit with a discussion of networking as a component of technology.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 11 hours.

    • 2.1: Hardware

    • 2.2: Software

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    • 2.3: Networks

    • 2.4: Security

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