• Unit 3: Business and Managerial Ethics 101

    Management sets the tone not only for a corporate climate; it also sets the standard for personal behavior. In this unit you will learn about the importance of ethics - that is, "doing what is right" or "doing the right thing." In light of recent major business scandals borne out of unethical behavior, almost all business schools have devoted aspects of their curricula to the study of ethics. In order to understand how to apply ethics to different circumstances, you must understand how ethics can vary based on differences in society, culture, and politics. There are a number of different philosophies purporting to explain how to apply ethics to decision-making, but none of them are absolute. However, understanding these various philosophies can help you reach workplace decisions that are more ethically grounded.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 9 hours. 

      • 3.1: Defining Business Ethics

      • 3.2: An Individual Approach to Ethics for Managers

      • 3.3: Identifying Ethical Issues

      • 3.4: Understanding Corporate Social Responsibility

      • 3.5: What Is Environmentalism?

      • 3.6: Responsibilities to Stakeholders

      • 3.7: Making CSR Work for All Stakeholders

      • 3.8: Ethical Issues and Considerations