• Unit 2: Strategic Human Resource Management (HRM)

    Modern human resource management is becoming more strategic in nature. For example, a top HR executive today will most likely report directly to the CEO and play an integral role in executing a company's strategy. 

    Learn about implementing effective and strategic human resource management, a crucial skill for any manager. 

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 2 hours. 

      • 2.1: Case Study: Kronos Uses Science to Find the Ideal Employee

      • 2.2: The Changing the Role of HR within Management Principles

      • 2.3: Talent Management

      • 2.4: Developing Effective Selection and Placement Strategies

      • 2.5: How Management Uses Pay Structure and Pay for Performance

      • 2.6: How Management Works To Develop a High-Performance Work System

      • 2.7: Tying It All Together

      • 2.8: Being Strategic within an Organization

      • 2.9: Managers Should Understand Personnel Planning