• Unit 2: Setting and Achieving Goals and Objectives

    Explore the differences between goals and objectives, as well as how to identify and measure successful ones that can be used in support of organizational strategies. 

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 2 hours. 

      • 2.1: Case Study – Nucor Aligns Company Goals with Employee Goal

      • 2.2: How Should Managers Define Goals and Objectives?

      • 2.3: Managers Must Understand the Measurement of Goals and Objectives

      • 2.4: How To Identify Successful Goals and Objectives

      • 2.5: Managers Use Goals and Objectives for Employee Performance Evaluations

      • 2.6: Connecting Goals and Objectives with Corporate Social Responsibility

      • 2.7: Defining Your Own Goals and Objectives Makes You a Better Manager

      • 2.8: An Overview of Goal-Setting Strategies