• Unit 2: The Role of Managers: What Do Managers Do?

    In this unit we will explore in greater detail the role of managers in an organization. We will look at the skills necessary to be successful managers and the styles of management that lead to the accomplishment of an organization's goals. We will also look more closely at the P-O-L-C framework and investigate how managers accomplish these functions.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.

    • 2.1: An Introduction to What Managers Do: The Four Functions

    • 2.2: What Is the Management Planning Function?

    • 2.3: How to Organize People, Equipment, and Money

    • 2.4: Managers Have To Possess Great Directing Skills

    • 2.5: Effectively Controlling the Environment Is a Management Essential

    • 2.6: Managers Need a Variety of Skills to Be Successful

    • 2.7: The Role of Tomorrow's Leaders

    • 2.8: Developing Influencing Skills