• Unit 5: Recognizing and Respecting the Rights of Everyone

    Remember the example of the executive in a foreign country being forced to watch a stoning from Unit 3? This is an excellent example of ethical decision-making and considering the culture where business is conducted. Every culture has its own traditions and perspectives, and we must be mindful of those differences and ensure that the policies in the workplace embrace or at the very least consider those perspectives. In this unit, you will learn about diversity and inclusion, making reasonable accommodations, sexual identification and orientation, income inequalities, and animal rights implications.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.

    • 5.1: Diversity and Inclusion in the Workforce

    • 5.2: Accommodating Different Abilities and Faiths

    • 5.3: Sexual Identification and Orientation

    • 5.4: Income Inequalities

    • 5.5: Animal Rights and the Implications for Business

    • 5.6: Creating an Ethical Culture

    • Unit 5 Assessment

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