• Unit 9: Data Mining III – Statistical Modeling

    There is more to data science than simply analyzing data. The ability to build a model from a data set implies that some deeper relationship amongst data observations has been captured. Now that we have covered the basics of data mining, it makes sense to consider statistical models that allow for inference and also have some predictive power.

    This unit demonstrates how to apply the scikit-learn module to building regression models. We will also show how to interpret model parameters once a model has been constructed. This unit will teach you how to apply Python for creating regression models, drawing inferences, and making predictions using computed model parameters.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • 9.1: Linear Regression

    • 9.2: Residuals

    • 9.3: Overfitting

    • 9.4: Cross-Validation

    • Unit 9 Assessment

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