• Unit 2: Workplace Communication

    Have you ever worked for an organization where there was little to no communication about important tasks? Employees are expected to interpret information correctly and to communicate with their colleagues and superiors on a regular basis. Effective communication can foster increased motivation and a more positive work environment, yet one of the leading causes of conflict in the workplace is a lack of adequate or clear communication. Miscommunication can arise from a number of sources, including employees' poor listening skills, the misinterpretation of verbal messages or physical gestures, and other issues. These potential pitfalls can be avoided with some extra effort on your behalf. In the second unit of this course, you will explore the three main types of workplace communication: verbal, nonverbal, and virtual. You will discover how to use these forms of communication appropriately and how to employ active listening in order to decrease the likelihood of workplace miscommunication. Finally, you will evaluate how workplace technology can affect the communication process.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 2 hours.