• Unit 1: Introduction To Finance

    Finance is a broad subject, and financial decisions are all around us. Whether you work on Wall Street or in a small company, finance is vital to every business. Therefore, understanding the fundamentals of finance is essential to your business education. In this unit, you will learn about the goal of financial managers, which is to maximize the wealth of shareholders, and why that is important. You will also learn the differences between the types of business organizations that operate in the United States and their advantages and disadvantages. This unit also explains how the financial markets in our country work and the general terminology used throughout the field. Ethical issues that affect the field of finance are also reviewed in this section. Understanding where ethical dilemmas might arise in the workplace is vital for all employees who may be affected by the decisions they, or their management, make.

    Completing this unit will take approximately 6 hours.

    • 1.1: Introduction to Concepts in Finance

    • 1.2: Goal of Financial Management

    • 1.3: Ethics

    • 1.4: Business Organization and Governance

    • 1.5: Asset Classes

    • 1.6: Institutions, Markets, and Intermediaries

    • Unit 1 Practice and Assessment