• Unit 2: Financial Statements and Financial Analysis

    You learned about financial statements in BUS103. This course will go beyond what you learned there to understand how managers use financial statements to make decisions. Some of this material should be a review from your earlier course. Financial statements are how a company translates what it does – such as things it sells or payments it makes – into a standardized format that many different stakeholders use to assess their financial condition. These stakeholders include managers, employees, investors, regulators, and others. You need to understand the basics of financial statements to assess the health of your own company or one that you are thinking about working for or investing in. If accounting is the "language of business", financial statements are the books that put that language on paper for all to see.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 16 hours.
    • 2.1: Balance Sheets and Income Statements

    • 2.2: Cash Flow and Other Statements

    • 2.3: Analyzing Financial Statements

    • 2.4: Forecasting Financial Statements

    • Unit 2 Practice and Assessment