• Unit 2: C++ and Java Differences

    To understand a language, it helps to know what motivated its development, its principle concepts (which we call its "programming paradigm"), and how it relates to other languages. If you have completed CS101: Introduction to Computer Science I and the first unit of this course, you should have a strong grasp of Java and C++, their uses, and a basic understanding of object-oriented programming. In this unit, we will outline the similarities and differences between these two languages, noting how each is used in the industry. We will also take an in-depth look at the basic building blocks of each language in order to draw a distinction between the two and further acquaint you with both languages. While there are many syntactual similarities between Java and C++, they are not necessarily translated one to another easily. As you study, pay close attention to the distinctions between the two.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 6 hours.

    • 2.1: C++ Background

    • 2.2: Java Background

    • 2.3: Comparing Java and C++

    • Unit 2 Assessment

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