• Unit 4: Java Container Library

    Java's Container Library is comparable to C++ Standard Template Library. Both provide a set of data containers and associated operations. As you build systems of increasing complexity, you will notice that you use certain data structures and operations on the data and structures over and over again. Experience over decades of computer science has identified a common set. Those have been collected into a group of classes of generic data type. This group is the Standard Template Library in C++ and the Container Library in Java. What we have is a set of trusted modules that have been tested and tested, over and over again, by many people engaging with numerous applications. They are also optimized for speed. There is no reason to write these from scratch. Having already examined the C++ Standard Template Library, we now take a deep look at the Java Container Library.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 5 hours.

    • 4.1: Introduction

      This subunit offers a quick overview of the JCL so that you gain a sense of the bigger picture before diving into details.

    • 4.2: Details

      Now we dig into the details of the Java Collections Framework.

    • 4.3: Further Examples

      Having numerous examples on the use of an extensive software library can be very beneficial. This series of videos covers many important classes in the JCL.

    • Unit 4 Assessment

      • Receive a grade