• Unit 8: Hash Tables, Graphs, and Trees

    This unit will identify various problems that computer scientists encounter when using array indexes and present Hash Tables as a solution. Students will learn about different Hash Tables categories, identifying their respective performance efficiencies. The unit will conclude with an introduction to graphs and special graph types known as trees and binary trees. We will learn how to implement these new Data Structures, discuss operations that accompany them, and identify different ways of traversing, searching, and sorting them.

    Completing this unit should take approximately 9 hours.

    • 8.1: Hash Tables

    • 8.2: Graphs

      • 8.2.1: Graph Searches

      • 8.2.2: Finding Lowest-Cost Paths

      • 8.2.3: Finding a Minimum Spanning Tree

    • 8.3: Trees

    • Unit 8 Assessment

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