• Unit 2: Geometry and Measurement

    In this unit, you will explore the properties of basic geometric two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes, as well as the units of measurements of geometric and physical properties of objects.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 32 hours.

    • 2.1: Lines and Angles

      This section introduces basic geometry definitions and conventions of naming lines, rays, and angles.
    • 2.2: Triangles

      This section focuses on a common geometric shape: the triangle. You will learn about different kinds of triangles and their properties.

    • 2.3: Quadrilaterals and Circles

      This section discusses other common two-dimensional shapes: quadrilaterals and circles.

    • 2.4: Three-Dimensional Shapes

      In this section, you will explore common three-dimensional shapes and related concepts.

    • 2.5: Symmetry and Geometric Transformations

      This section discusses the concepts of symmetry and geometric transformations.

    • 2.6: Similarity and Proportional Measurements

      The concept of similarity is often used in applications of geometry, such as in building models of large real-life objects.

    • 2.7: Perimeter, Circumference, Area, and Volume

      The study of geometry is concerned with the properties of various shapes and related measurements. In this section, you will explore concepts of perimeter, area, and volume. These measurements have many real-world applications. For example, one needs to know the perimeter of a garden to find out how much material is required to make a fence or the area of a wall to find out how much paint is needed to paint it.

    • 2.8: Units of Measurements

      This section introduces units of measurement of basic geometric and physical quantities (distance, mass, and time) in both the metric and customary U.S system. You will learn how to express the same measurements in different units and determine appropriate units to use when measuring a property of an object.

    • Unit 2 Assessment

      • Receive a grade