• Unit 2: Revise for Context

    This unit focuses on context and revision. Revision is an important stage of the writing process and a key part of writing an effective essay. This unit explains how understanding context can help you write and revise your essay, the difference between revising and editing, and what strategies you can use to revise your draft before hitting submit.

    During your exam, be careful to factor in time to revise your essay after you've written the first draft. Finally, we'll review pre-writing, a great strategy that will not only strengthen your essay writing but may also help you remain calm and collected on exam day.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 3 hours.

    • 2.1: What Is Context?

    • 2.2. Revision vs. Editing

    • 2.3: Revising an Essay

    • 2.4: Paragraphing

    • 2.5: Test-Taking Skill 2: Pre-Writing

    • Unit 2 Assessment

      • Receive a grade
      • Receive a grade