• Unit 1: Introduction

    What are management and leadership? What is the purpose of studying how to lead a team? Aren't all leaders born and not made? If that is the truth, then millions of people are wasting their time trying to improve their leadership skills. Fortunately, trying to become a better leader is not a waste of time. While it is true that some leaders are born, most are made by studying what makes an effective leader.

    In this introductory unit, you will explore the four pillars of good management: management, leadership, groups, and teams. Management and leadership are often used interchangeably; the same applies for groups and teams. Management is about allocating resources; leadership is about empowering people. A group is a collection of individuals with a similar interest. Teams have a similar goal, but teams work together. A good leader will help a group and become a team

    To prepare you for this course, this unit concludes with a look at some great leaders in history. These four individuals are selected for their broad experiences and abilities to manage groups and teams. The spectrum goes from sports team management to inspiring political movements, and from brilliant corporate management to excellence in military and national leadership.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 11 hours.

    • 1.1: Definitions

    • 1.2: Great Leaders

    • Unit 1 Assessment