• Unit 3: Product Design and Process Selection

    If you have purchased a mobile phone recently, you have witnessed a product category with perhaps the most diverse range of product designs in the marketplace. The variety can be mind-boggling. Looking back a year or two, you can probably recall a very promising design that faded away from the shelves after a few months. Have you ever wondered what happened to those short-lived products?

    Businesses want to design the products that consumers demand. A good marketing department can tell the organization what consumers want and even convince consumers that they want it. A company with the most wonderful product concept cannot be successful unless it can devise a process to profitably manufacture the product. In this unit, we will consider the steps in designing a product with the manufacturing process in mind. We will look at several models businesses can use to select the best design process or analyze an existing process.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 6 hours.

    • 3.1: Generating Ideas

    • 3.2: Product Screening

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    • 3.3: Preliminary and Final Design

    • 3.4: Customer Needs Research and Methods for Improving Product Design

    • 3.5: Process Selection

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    • Unit 3 Activity and Assessment

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