• Unit 3: Initiating Projects

    During the project initiation phase, projects go from an idea to an approved venture. Projects start with an idea and a sponsor. During initiation, the idea becomes more defined. The project charter is developed, which is a document that, once approved, authorizes the project to proceed. The project charter will provide a high-level scope of work, deliverables, project schedule, and budget, as well as an initial look at potential risks. The business case of the project, or the measurable organizational value, will be addressed. Finally, we look at the role of stakeholders in our project.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 4 hours.

    • 3.1: Business Case

    • 3.2: The Project Charter

    • 3.3: Stakeholder Identification and Prioritization

    • Unit 3 Study Resources

      This review video is an excellent way to review what you've learned so far and is presented by one of the professors who created the course.

    • Unit 3 Assessment

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