• Unit 6: Monitoring and Controlling Projects

    The monitoring and controlling phase is typically done in parallel with the execution phase of a project. Monitoring and controlling is about making sure the project is on track in terms of scope, schedule, and budget. Risks are monitored and, when realized, acted upon based on the project plan put in place. Procurements are monitored for quality and to assure that the vendors are meeting expectations. Finally, the overall quality of the project deliverables is monitored, and corrective action is initiated when needed. In addition to monitoring and controlling the project, performance reporting occurs in this phase. Project status reports are generated and distributed to the appropriate stakeholders.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 7 hours.

    • 6.1: Resource Control

    • 6.2: Cost Controls

    • 6.3: Performance Measurement

    • 6.4: Planning and Managing Communications

    • 6.5: Monitoring Communications

    • 6.6: The Project Manager

    • 6.7: Managing Projects with Software

    • Unit 6 Study Resources

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    • Unit 6 Assessment

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