• Unit 6: Launching a Marketing Campaign

    Marketing is not just a matter of internal strategies and customer analysis. There are factors outside of the company that must be taken into consideration with any marketing strategy. Though marketers can control how they might respond to customer needs and expectations, they face the often-unpredictable reactions of customers to them. Maintaining customer satisfaction is essential to sustainable success. Marketers need to be sensitive to the regulatory and ethical constraints that may be placed upon them by a wide range of domestic and international industry standards and the expectations of society.

    Companies must also face social forces that challenge their success. For example, marketers must be aware of the social and cultural aspects of each region in which they choose to market a product. Even a worldwide brand such as Coca Cola must adjust its marketing strategy for every region it enters. An awareness of the cultural factors affecting a marketing strategy can make the marketing message much more effective. Quite often marketers will address social issues especially relevant to lives of their audiences or the larger society with social marketing campaigns.

    Finally, as a marketing campaign prepares for its launch, all the issues addressed in this and earlier units must come together in a formalized document - the comprehensive marketing plan.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 32 hours.

    • 6.1: Satisfying the Customer

    • 6.2: Marketing Ethics

    • 6.3: Social Marketing

    • 6.4: Cultural Modifications for Marketing

    • 6.5: The Marketing Plan

    • 6.6: Marketing Plan Project

    • Unit 6 Discussion and Assessment