• Unit 4: Leveraging Power

    Power is a popular topic, because it is so easily misused. We all have some kind of power over others, whether it is earned through a promotion in the organization or just a reflection of knowledge and experience. This unit may alter your understanding of power and teach you that there is nothing wrong with using power (appropriately). In fact, as an employee, you are expected to use the power you have within an organization as you were likely employed for just that reason. Power comes in many forms, but it is almost always used to influence.

    This unit will discuss how influence differs from manipulation and explain how individuals use influence within the workforce. This unit will conclude with a look at the politics within organizations and how ethics apply to power. As you are likely aware, there are too many examples in which power is used improperly in business. Responsible business schools today place extra emphasis upon ethics, especially when talking about subjects such as power.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 11 hours.

    • 4.1: Power

      • 4.1.1: Basic Approaches to Leadership

      • 4.1.2: Modern Issues in Leadership

    • 4.2: Power Bases and Influence

    • 4.3: Politics

      • 4.3.1: Social Networks

      • 4.3.2: Ethics and Politics

    • Unit 4 Assessment