Introduction to Competitive Advantage in Information Systems

Data Asset in Action: Caesars' Solid Gold CRM for the Service Sector

Key Takeaways

  • Caesars Entertainment provides an example of exceptional data asset leverage in the service sector, focusing on how this technology enables world-class service through customer relationship management.
  • Caesars uses its Total Rewards loyalty card system to collect customer data on just about everything you might do at their properties - gamble, eat, drink, see a show, stay in a room, and so on.
  • Individual customers signing up for the Total Rewards loyalty card provide Caesars with demographic information such as gender, age, and address, which is combined with transactional data as the card is used.
  • Data mining also provides information about ninety-plus customer demographic segments, each of which responds differently to different marketing approaches.
  • If Caesars' systems determine you're a high-value customer, you can expect a higher level of perks and service.
  • Caesars' CRM effort monitors any customer behavior changes.
  • Caesars uses its information systems and operating procedures to measure employees based on metrics that include speed and friendliness and compensates them based on guest satisfaction ratings.