Introduction to Competitive Advantage in Information Systems

Data Asset in Action: Caesars' Solid Gold CRM for the Service Sector


  1. What types of customer data does Caesars gather?
  2. How is the data that Caesars collects used?
  3. Describe Caesars' most valuable customers. Approximately what percentage of profits does this broad group deliver to the firm?
  4. List the services a Rewards Card cardholder might expect.
  5. What happens when a good, regular customer stops showing up?
  6. Describe how Caesars treats customer data.
  7. List some of the technology innovations that Caesars is using to help it gather more data and help push service quality and marketing program success.
  8. How does Caesars' Total Rewards loyalty card system represent a switching cost?
  9. What is customer lifetime value? Do you think this is an easier metric to calculate at Caesars or Wal-Mart? Why?
  10. How did intellectual property protection benefit Caesars?
  11. Discuss the challenges Caesars may have to confront in the near future.
  12. Describe the role that testing plays in initiatives? What advantage does testing provide the firm? What's the CEO's attitude to testing? Do you agree with this level of commitment? Why or why not?
  13. Do you think the firm's described foray into social media is a good idea or a bad one? Why? Discuss any potential upsides and downsides that you see coming from the effort.