Read this section about the levels of management, functional organizational structures, the span of control, and how organizational charts are created.


  1. (AACSB) Analysis

    Define organizational structure and identify five different forms that it can take. For each form, identify a type of company that might use it and explain why it would be appropriate for the company. Use examples other than those mentioned in the chapter.

  2. (AACSB) Analysis

    How would you like to work at the "Sweetest Place on Earth"? Then, consider a career at Hershey Foods, the chocolate and candy maker. Your career path at Hershey Foods might follow a typical path: When you finish college, you may enter the business world as a first-line manager. After about ten years, you will probably have advanced to the middle-management level. Perhaps you'll keep moving up and eventually find yourself in a top-level management position with a big salary. Examining job opportunities may be an opportunity to start identifying the kinds of positions that interest you. Go to to link to the Hershey Foods Web site, click on "careers" at the bottom of the home page, and check out available positions. Then, take the following steps:

    • Find an interesting entry-level management position. Describe the duties of the job and explain why you'd classify it as a first-line management position.
    • Pick a middle-level position to which you might advance after ten years with the company. Describe the duties of the job and explain why you'd classify it as a middle-level management position.
    • Finally, identify a top-level management position that you'd like to attain later in your career. To find these positions, you'll have to click on "Investors," "Corporate Governance," and "Management Team". Because Hershey Foods doesn't describe its management-team positions, you'll have to fill in a few blanks. Start by listing what you imagine to be the duties of a given position; then, explain why these duties qualify it as a top-level management position.