What happens once an employee has been hired? This section discusses training and developing employees and the importance of having a diverse workforce.


  1. (AACSB) Reflective Skills

    Think about a full-time or part-time job that you've held. Was your orientation to the job satisfactory? If not, how would you have improved the process? Did you receive any training? Was it useful? What additional training would have helped you do a better job? How would it have benefited the company?

  2. (AACSB) Diversity

    While visiting a mall in Los Angeles, you noticed two stores located side by side selling electronic-entertainment products - CDs, DVDs, and so on. All the employees in one store were white males. The mix of workers in the other store - which happened to be more profitable - was more diverse. Why do you think the store with the diverse workforce did more business? In terms of diversity, what would be your ideal workforce in a store similar to these in Los Angeles?