Unit 5 Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this unit, you will be able to:

  • graph points with given coordinates on the rectangular coordinate plane;
  • determine coordinates of a point on the rectangular coordinate system;
  • determine whether a given ordered pair is a solution of the equation with two variables;
  • find and graph solutions of the equation in two variable;
  • graph a straight line given either its equation, or a slope and y-intercept;
  • find slope and intercepts of a straight line given its equation or its graph;
  • write the equation of a line passing through two given points;
  • write the equation of a line with a given slope passing through a given point;
  • locate on a coordinate plane all solutions of a given inequality in two variables;
  • represent relationships between quantities as an equation or inequality in two variables; and
  • interpret the meaning of slope and intercepts of the graph of a relationship between quantities. 
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