Unit 6 Study Guide: Creating a Technology Strategy

6a: Compare and contrast different theories of information systems strategies.

6a.1. There is no blueprint for creating a strategic. Strategic frameworks help managers describe the competitive environment an organization is facing. Managers must determine which information systems strategies will work best for their organization.

A. Understand some of the aspects beyond recognizing opportunities and meeting demands such as resource-based thinking.

B. Strategies will not give an organization an advantage forever, thus managers need to revisit or renew strategies in their organization to keep up with industry trends.

C. Understand the role frameworks have in helping managers develop a competitive environment through strategies.

6a.2. Developing a mobile strategy:

A. Understand the steps in developing a mobile strategy.

B. List some of the goals a team must meet when developing a mobile strategy.

C. List and understand the phases in a mobile strategy project plan.

D. What steps and processes might be involved in a logic workflow diagram?

6a.3. Creating an effective mobile app strategy:

A. What factors should a manager consider when choosing between a mobile website and mobile app?

B. Understand the differences between mobile apps and mobile websites.

C. List the steps to creating an effective mobile app strategy.


6b: Explain the strategic planning process.

6b.1. Organizations develop plans and strategies that outline how they want to go about deciding which products and services to develop, price, promote, and sell.

A. Understand what a value proposition is.

B. Explain how a mission statement helps a company with strategic planning.

C. List how internal environments are analyzed.

D. How does a SWOT analysis identify strengths and weaknesses in an organization?


6c: Create an information systems strategy.

6c.1. Hardware, software, competitive strategies, and cloud computing are all tools to help develop an information systems strategy.

A. When creating an IS strategy, you must be familiar with the organization the strategy will be for.

B. List the required steps for developing an IS strategy.

C. What tools and resources do you need to develop an IS strategy?

To prepare for the final exam, review “Chapter 2, Section 1: Introduction,” “Developing a Mobile Strategy to Reach our Clients Summary,” “3 Steps to creating an Effective Mobile App Strategy,” “Developing a Mobile Strategy that Works,” “Develop Your Own Social Media Strategy,” and “Chapter 2: Strategic Planning”.


Unit 6 Vocabulary

This vocabulary list includes terms that might help you answer some of the review items above and some terms you should be familiar with to be successful in completing the final exam for the course.

  • Information systems strategy
  • SWOT analysis
  • Strategic planning
  • Mobile strategy
  • Mobile app strategy
  • Strategic framework
  • Value Proposition
  • Target markets
  • Situation analysis
  • Internal environment
  • External environment
  • Competitive environment
  • Sustainable competitive advantage
  • Operational effectiveness
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