Personal To Do List Activity

This section is interactive. Please find a to-do list system. We have listed a few options here, but there are dozens of other to-do lists systems that you can use, including paper-and-pencil!

The following list gives examples of to-do list systems that are vastly different, both functionally and visually. That is because there are equally many ways to use a to-do list. 

The key to choosing an effective to-do list system is find one that suits your needs and helps you get things done.

Now, make two to-do lists, one for today and one for the next week. Please experiment. Use the discussion forum to share your real or hypothetical to-do lists to get feedback. It will take a while to decide how much you can do in a single day, in a single week, even in a year. Be patient.

While this activity does not have a specific grading rubric, we do encourage you to post your response on Saylor’s discussion forums, along with a note asking for feedback from the community. Make sure to include the activity prompt/instructions, as well as you own personal notes for what you would like others to focus their attention on when peer reviewing, so that you can get the most helpful feedback possible.

While there, you should reply to your classmates' posts as well, especially on those topics that you feel you have already mastered.

Note: You will need to create an account at to take part in the forum. Signing up is free and only takes a moment.

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