Course Syllabus

Welcome to Saylor001: Introduction to Learning at Saylor Academy

Course Description

An introduction to getting started as a learner at Saylor Academy, including tutorials on creating an account, enrolling in a course, taking an exam, and accessing a course completion certificate.


Getting Started

Let's look at a course syllabus so you can see how they are structured. After you have read the explanation below, go to Unit 1 of the course, read the unit introduction, and expand the section for Subunit 1.1, which provides links and instructions for unit-specific course resources.

Now is a good time to read the Saylor Academy Student Handbook, which outlines a few important rules and introduces you to the Saylor Academy community.


Technical Requirements

Saylor Academy courses are entirely online. You will need access to a computer or mobile device with consistent Internet access to be able to view the course materials, download relevant resources, take assessments, and complete the final exam.

You will need a Saylor Academy account to access the full course materials, including assessments and the final exam. If you do not have one already, simply go to Unit 1 to learn how to login.


Time Commitment

While learning styles can vary considerably for each learner, we estimate it will take an average of 2.5 hours to complete this course. We provide a time estimate for each unit in every Saylor course so you can plan how long it should take to get through the learning material. These estimates are approximate; we know our learners are busy and it may be difficult to work and learn without interruption! We have designed our courses so you can complete them at a pace that is convenient to you.


Learning Outcomes

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • describe how to create a Saylor Academy account;
  • search the Saylor course catalog;
  • enroll in a course;
  • access your Saylor Academy courses;
  • navigate Saylor courses using different navigation techniques;
  • use progress tracking tools to help plan your study;
  • explain why we value your feedback in Saylor's course evaluation surveys;
  • describe the general rules and guidelines for all of Saylor Academy unit assessments, quizzes, and final exams; and
  • access a Saylor course completion certificate.

Throughout this course, you will see a list of learning outcomes for each unit. They will help you organize your learning and assess your progress in the course.

Suggested Prerequisites
  • There are no prerequisites. Saylor001 is designed for learners who are new to Saylor Academy. Welcome!
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