Sue Conger's The New Software Engineering: "Object-Oriented Analysis"

Read the sections beginning with "Object-Oriented Analysis Activities" in "Chapter 11: Object-Oriented Analysis" (pages 463–500).

Unlike process-oriented (which is focused on functional thinking) and data-oriented (which is focused on entity thinking) analyses, objected-oriented analysis is focused on object thinking. Data and processes are married early in the process and encapsulated into classes and objects. Object-oriented analysis (and design) represents a paradigm shift in software development. As you read this material, bear in mind that the text illustrates this approach using the Booch notation, which has been supplanted by the Unified Modeling Language (UML). However, much of the Booch notation has been unified in UML (and is therefore still valid), especially the class diagrams, and classified into whole or part, or generalization or specialization classes.

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