PRSM107 Discussion Forum

After you have studied the materials in this subunit, consider the following prompts. Post your written response for these prompts to the course discussion forum. Make sure to review and respond to at least one or two other students' posts.

  1. Using a company you are familiar with, develop a strategic plan as described in the Exploring Business text in this subunit. Use the bulleted list under the "Develop a Strategic Plan" section as a checklist for the items you should include in your plan: a mission statement, core values, SWOT analysis, goals and objectives, and tactical and operational plans.
  2. Develop a strategic plan for a public relations consulting company. The company will have two full-time employees, a business manager and a PR director, and three consultants including an advertising specialist, a marketing specialist, and a social media specialist. Your target audience is small business start-ups at three local community colleges within a 75-mile radius of your location. You plan to offer one-stop integrating marketing for your clients.