Dr. Carol Burns' "Recognizing Products and Sums; Identifying Factor and Terms"

Read this page. Reading and understanding algebraic expressions, much like translating sentences from a foreign language, is a skill that takes time to develop. Prior to learning how to factor an algebraic expression (that is, to write the expression as a product), it is essential to have fluency in distinguishing which parts of the expressions are multiplied and which are added/subtracted. This reading provides a useful review of how to identify which algebraic expression is a product of several factors and which one is a sum of several terms.

Click on the "new problem" button at the end of the page to try a practice problem. After answering the problem, click on the "check your answer" button. Continue this process by clicking on "new problem," and solve 10 problems. You can also create a worksheet of 10 problems by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page titled "Click Here for a Randomly Generated Worksheet and Answers." The answers will be provided at the end of the worksheet.