Unit 6 Discussion

After you have reviewed this unit, please post and respond to the following topics on the community Discourse forum.

  • As a customer and consumer, you purchase products for many reasons. Why do you typically buy a product? Is it cost, quality, company reputation and social presence, or other factors?
  • Are you loyal to particular brands? Why or why not?
  • Are you swayed to purchase based on consumer reward programs? Name a customer reward program you participate in?
  • Are there companies which you believe in and trust? Explain. Why is it important for companies to build trust?
  • The internet has expanded the customer experience and exposure to products. Explain the challenges companies and customers face with internet purchases.

Note: We encourage you to post your work to the course discussion forum so your classmates can see your work. Also, take some time to comment on your classmates' posts.

You are not required to post your work to the forum, and this activity will not count toward your grade.