Short Writing Exercise: Responsibility to the Customer

Prepare a 300–500 word document from the perspective of a customer purchasing a cell phone. The company you have been loyal to for many years is running a special sale which gives you a 2-for-1 deal. However, a news story has just broken which details this company and its employment practices using underage children in an underdeveloped country.

Are you still going to purchase phones from this company? Why or why not? If the company corrected the employment practices, would you return as a loyal customer? If not, what would it take for you to return to this company as a customer? Explain your experiences as an ethical consumer. Once you are done with the document, feel free to share it with other students in the discussion forum.

Note: We encourage you to post your work to the course discussion forum, so your classmates can see your work. Also, take some time to comment on your classmates' posts.

You are not required to post your work to the forum, and this activity will not count toward your grade.