Media and Technology

Read this chapter for a review of media and technology. As you read each section, consider the following topics:

  • Take note of how a functionalist might explain the social purposes of media and technology.
  • Focus on the bold terms throughout the chapter. Have you ever experienced technological inequality? Can you think of ways to overcome technological inequality?
  • Take note of the different types of media and their social impacts. What are some types of media common in your life? How might these mediums affect your everyday interactions?
  • Take note of the differences between media globalization and technological globalization. After reading about the impact of cell phones in Sub-Saharan Africa, what are your initial thoughts on shared phone programs?
  • Take note of the various theoretical perspectives pertaining to media and technology. In addition, Take note of the new theoretical perspective introduced in this chapter: the feminist perspective. Lastly, focus on how the social construction of reality will be affected by mass media.