Global Inequality

Read this chapter for a review of global inequality. As you read through each section, consider the following points:

  • Read about the UN member nations' goals to eradicate global inequality. While reading about these goals, be sure to consider "extreme poverty" in a global context as well as how we might be able to address the needs of the world's population.
  • Take note of the terms global inequality and global classification. Also take note of high-, middle-, and low-income nations as well as factors contributing to a nation's classification.
  • Focus on the differences between relative, absolute, and subjective poverty. Write down some ideas on the cyclical impact of the consequences of poverty.
  • Read about the differences between modernization and dependency theory pertaining to global stratification. On a separate piece of paper, create a compare/contrast list of each of the theories. Then, look at the list you've made and draw conclusions as to how each of these theories attempts to explain global stratification.