• Course Introduction

        Welcome to Saylor Academy! We are happy you will be part of our growing community of learners, as you embark on a new educational journey!

        Here are a few things you need to do to get started, whether you have decided to take one or more of our free online course offerings or you are helping us prepare or update a Saylor Academy course. We are happy to help you learn about Saylor Academy and so glad you are part of our team!

        To begin, click on the course syllabus link below.

      • Unit 1: Creating a Saylor Academy Account

        Saylor Academy courses are free! While learners can view most course materials without signing in or creating an account, we hope you will take an extra minute to do both of these things, so we can provide you with a richer and more dynamic learning experience.

        In the first unit of this course, you will learn how to create and update your account information. You will move through the learning material in your course by completing each of the units and activities in order. For example, begin by clicking on the link to Unit 1. When you complete the activity in subunit 1.2, move on to Unit 2.

        Completing this unit should take approximately 15 minutes.

      • Unit 2: Enrolling in Courses

        Now that you have created an account, you can enroll in any of Saylor Academy's 90+ courses. In this unit, we will show you how to enroll in a course and where you can find lists and descriptions for all of Saylor Academy's courses. We invite you to enroll in Saylor001 and any other Saylor Academy course you would like to take and master!

        Remember that all of Saylor Academy's courses are free and self-paced. This means you can get online and complete your coursework at any time that is convenient to you: there are no start or end dates.

        Completing this unit should take approximately 45 minutes.

        • 2.1: Exploring the Course Catalog

        • 2.2: Exploring a Course

        • 2.3: Enrolling in a Course

        • 2.4 Accessing your Courses

        • Unit 2 Unit Assessments

          Now that you are officially enrolled in Saylor001, you can click on the link below to try taking one of our quizzes or unit assessments, which only learners who are enrolled in a course can access. 

          We encourage you to complete any unit assessments you see in your courses. These allow you to test your knowledge, practice, and make sure you are on track to succeed in the course. We will automatically let you know if you have answered each question correctly, give you the correct answer if you submitted an incorrect response, and offer additional feedback to help you understand the course material.

          Your performance on these unit assessments does not factor into your final grade—you can take them as many times as you wish until you feel comfortable with the material. There is no waiting period between each attempt. They will also give you a sense of the kinds of questions you may encounter in your final exam. For questions that require you to write a short answer or an essay, we will give you a scoring rubric that will help you assess your writing.

          To pass a Saylor Academy course, you must earn a score of 70 percent or higher on the final exam. Final exams will test you on all of the learning objectives in the course. If you want to receive a higher score, you may retake the final exam as many times as you wish. However, you must wait seven days in between each final exam attempt. For final exams, you will not see the correct answers for questions you got wrong, and the questions you see each time you attempt final exam will be different.  

      • Unit 3: Navigating Your Course

        You should now feel pretty comfortable with the structure and formatting of Saylor Academy's courses. In this unit, we will review and then introduce you to some additional navigation tools.

        Completing this unit should take approximately 40 minutes.

      • Unit 4: Completing a Course

        Now that you know how to register with Saylor Academy, locate and enroll in courses, navigate through a course, and complete assessments, we now focus on how you can complete a course.

        We define success at Saylor Academy as whatever you want it to be.

        Saylor Academy's community is composed of learners from all over the world, who have a wide variety of backgrounds, and many reasons for choosing to take a course from us.

        For example:

        • you may want to apply what you learn at Saylor to your college degree program;
        • you may want to revisit a discipline you have studied in the past, brush up on your skills for a new work assignment, learn what you need to know to pass a college entrance exam, or prepare to earn a new credential for your workplace;
        • you may simply want to learn about a new topic or subject area you have never explored before; or
        • you may simply want to catch up on the latest Saylor Tangent Video.

        Saylor Academy hopes to recognize the accomplishments of all of our learners, regardless of your ultimate goals, how many courses you enroll in, even if you are not interested in taking a final exam or earning a Saylor certificate. In this unit, we discuss how Saylor Academy scores its cumulative final exams and how you can earn a Saylor certificate of completion. We will also discuss how you can help us improve our courses by completing a course evaluation survey.

        Completing this unit should take approximately 30 minutes.