• Course Introduction

        Welcome to Saylor Academy! We are thrilled that you have agreed to lend your teaching and subject matter expertise to help us develop and improve our open courses. This brief training course will give you some background information on Saylor Academy and the open education movement. It will also outline Saylor Academy's course development processes and standards.

        In many ways, this course mirrors many of Saylor Academy's other courses. Working through it will give you a better sense of what our learners experience. Thank you for your willingness to contribute to the Saylor Academy community!

        Completing this course should take you approximately 4 hours.

      • Unit 1: Saylor Academy and Open Education

        In this unit we will discuss the big picture of Saylor Academy and its role in the open education space. We will also explore how you, as a course developer, fit into our overall course initiative and Saylor Academy's community.

        Completing this unit should take you approximately 15 minutes.

      • Unit 2: Overview of Saylor Academy Courses

        Saylor Academy courses share common features and are organized in similar ways to make the learning process easier for our learners. In this unit, we explore the anatomy of a Saylor Academy course and the online environment where our courses reside. Understanding these constituent parts and how they function together will help put your course development activities in context.

        Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

      • Unit 3: Course Development Activities

        Saylor Academy staff may ask you to complete one or more course development projects while you are engaged at Saylor Academy. Your engagement letter will specify the projects you will undertake, but they will likely focus on improving course resources, creating assessment opportunities, and/or providing peer review feedback. 

        Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

      • Unit 4: Course Development Standards

        In order to complete the your development tasks, you will need to be familiar with our development standards. These standards are based on our experience providing open courses, feedback received from peer and external reviews, and principles of instructional design and assessment development.

        Completing this unit should take you approximately 1.5 hours.