• Unit 1: Getting Started with Microsoft Word and Google Docs

    In this unit, we discuss the basic on-screen elements of Microsoft Word and Google Docs. We explore the toolbars, menus, commands, and taskbars. Toolbars and menus are located at the top of the screen and list options that allow you to insert, view, or change the layout of a document. Each menu option lists different commands that let you format, save, and print documents. We also discuss the Quick Access Toolbar and learn how to add and delete commands. As you go through this unit, open up your version of Microsoft Word or Google Docs and follow along with the tutorials. This will help you learn as you explore the window and menu environment.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 1 hour.

    • 1.1: Microsoft Word Window and Menu Environment

      Microsoft Word is a popular word processing program that is part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Many businesses use it to create, edit, format, and organize documents.

    • 1.2: Google Docs Window and Menu Environment

      Google Docs is a free web-based word processor offered by Google. Many businesses use it to create, edit, and format documents. Google Docs are especially easy to share online and to collaborate with colleagues. You can access them from anywhere, view and restore older versions of documents if necessary, and allow several users to edit at the same time.