Mastering Public Relations: "Chapter 10: The Practice of Public Relations"

This chapter presents several typical public relations environments: the corporate PR setting, a PR agency, government relations, issues management and public policy, and activism public relations. The authors discuss the types of writing assignments PR staff members typically write to communicate their message.

10.0 The Practice of Public Relations

Public relations is a large discipline that can be subdivided into many types of functions. There are four primary areas of functional responsibility or different locales in which we can categorize the profession of public relations:

  1. Corporate public relations
  2. Agency public relations
  3. Government/public affairs
  4. Nonprofit/NGO/activist public relations

These primary functional areas differ but also have the commonality of using the strategic management process. In the earlier chapter briefly outlining public relations subfunctions, we promised more specificity on how those functions actually operate within an organization. Now that we have thoroughly discussed the strategic management of public relations, we will relate how they operate in day-to-day corporate and agency settings, and how they relate to government and public affairs as well as nonprofit, NGO, and activist public relations.