Moore's Law: Fast, Cheap Computing and What It Means for the Manager

Moore's Law, named for the co-founder of Intel Gordon Moore, defines expected advances in the need for data storage over time. In reality, it defines much more, beyond simply data storage. Read this chapter and attempt the exercises to gain a broader understanding of the importance and costs associated with Information Systems.

E-waste: The Dark Side of Moore’s Law


  • E-waste may be particularly toxic since many components contain harmful materials such as lead, cadmium, and mercury.
  • Managers must consider and plan for the waste created by their products, services, and technology used by the organization. Consumers and governments are increasingly demanding that firms offer responsible methods for the disposal of their manufactured goods and the technology used in their operations.
  • Managers must audit disposal and recycling partners with the same vigor as their suppliers and other corporate partners. If not, an organization's equipment may end up in environmentally harmful disposal operations.