Corporations: Paid-in Capital, Retained Earnings, Dividends, and Treasury Stock

Read this chapter, which outlines the different sources of paid-in capital and how they are presented on the balance sheet. This chapter also covers treasury stock, dividends, stock splits, and price-per-share and price-per-earnings ratios.

Learning objectives

After studying this chapter, you should be able to:

  • Identify the different sources of paid-in capital and describe how to present them on a balance sheet.
  • Account for a cash dividend, a stock dividend, a stock split, and a retained earnings appropriation.
  • Account for the acquisition and reissuance of treasury stock.
  • Describe the proper accounting treatment of discontinued operations, extraordinary items, and changes in accounting principle. 
  • Define prior period adjustments and show their proper presentation in the financial statements.
  • Analyze and use the financial results – earnings per share and price-earnings ratio.

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