• Unit 4: Media Relations

    One sure need of all organizations that produce newspapers, magazines, television programs, radio broadcasts, and websites is material to fill up their pages and their broadcast time. In Public Relations, you need only supply media outlets with the material they crave in a way they can use it. Media releases are going to be your primary and most important means of contact with editors and reporters. The Wall Street Journal estimates that 90 percent of its coverage originates from companies making their own announcements. The best way to develop your skills in media relations is to work as a reporter in different media, but it also serves to learn to think like a reporter: what does a reporter look for? How could you present your message in a way that appeals to the media? This is such a critical topic; you will have a large number of related readings assigned in this unit as well as the next unit on Writing for Public Relations.

    Completing this unit should take you approximately 18 hours.